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In terms of the world you are a person but a person you are his whole world


I hate you for your happy I am willing to give up everything including your


Love is time to et the time people et that love


Love a person it is difficult to give up his beloved person more difficult to


My loneliness is not a birthright but by the person you fell in love with the moment to start


Love is a growth in the cliffs on the edge of flower removal on the need to want to have the courage to

(爱情是一朵生长在悬崖峭壁边缘上的花,想摘取就必须要有勇气. )

I will sacrifice you all my love


I miss the exhaustion of life you only appear


Therefore, because an unfamiliar distance because so brave beauty


Love you until the disappearance of the soul




◆ mature wheat bowed his head, that is teaching us humility; a group of ants can carry the big bone, it is teaching us unity; gentle drops through rock, it is teaching us tough; busy bee in the flowers, it is teaching our hard-working.


The life, is a smile to face the reality, is watching over the obstacles in the future; life, is to use the heart cut, cut out the green branches in the way of life; life, is the face of confusion or darkness, the depths of the soul with big beans are bright and smiling lights.


The past and the future, all from his very far away, the key point is to grasp now, seize the current.

◆如果你努力去发现美好,美好会发现你;如果你努力去尊重他人,你也会获得别人尊重;如果你努力去帮助他人,你也会得到他人的帮助。 生命就像一种回音,你送出什么它就送回什么,你播种什么就收获什么,你给予什么就得到什么。

◆ if you try to find a good, good will find you; if you try to respect others, you will also get the respect of others; if you try to help others, you will get the help of others. Life is like an echo, you send it back to what what, you reap what you sow, what you give what you get.


◆ matches if the escape the burning pain, its life will be intense darkness without light.


◆ sail, not hanging on the mast, is a useless piece of cloth; mast, don't hang up the sails, is a normal column; ideal, is not put into action with no reality whatever fog; action, but not ideal, is not only taking the end of the road.


◆ often unlatched the door of success, as long as you are brave to push, it will suddenly open.


I want to take a shower? Don't go outside to wait for the rain; want to succeed? Don't wait for the arrival of the opportunity.


A flap ◆ picked flowers can be beautiful? Fling can happy? Where there is a will to diligently strive after for the lifetime of the target.


◆ is an inexhaustible source of self-confidence, self-confidence is the Pentium endless waves, confidence is the jet stream ahead of the channel, self-confidence is the real mother of success.


◆ everyone a parabolic, opening to determine their talent, and the highest point is required to the day after tomorrow.


◆ no autumn leaves fall, where the bright spring green shoots of the hungry? Only know how to lose, will have again.


◆ let yesterday into the water, let the wind fly past, today's cup bowl full stop mark yesterday; only cherish the present, can harvest tomorrow.


The journey of life and not Everything is going smoothly., stress, frustration will always be with us, but the glory of human nature are often unhappy is displayed, the hope is to inspire our huge invisible power.


◆ dedication is love, to give, you will receive the gift of accident outside.


The water can prate stone, only because it will hit the same point.



2、不经艰苦就得不到桂冠,不经磨难就得不到成就,不经灾祸就得不到荣誉。 ——佚名











12、走在拥挤的人群 一些情侣手握很紧



15、我无法抗拒对你的思念 特别是在安静的夜 Y .






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